Our Philosophy

“We are convinced that blending eaux-de-vie from exceptional estates
gives cognac a unique character and strength.

Deeply attached to the terroir, we decided to produce distinct cognacs in accordance with their origin.”

Our philosophy can therefore be summed up in one expression: “Single Estate Cognac

Single Estate Cognac

Cultivation of the vine
Single Estate Cognac is the conception of cognac from the vine to the glass.
All phases of production are carried out on our estates.
A highly qualified team of 60 people carefully controls each step of the production of our exceptional cognacs on all of our vineyards: the cultivation of the vine, the vinification, the distillation, the aging, the blending and the bottling.


Our Cognacs are differentiated by the know-how of each team, their origin and their terroir.
Photo en gros plan sur une grappe de raisin ugni blanc
Thanks to this well thought-out choice, in 2019 we obtained the High Environmental Value Level 3 Certification for all our vineyards, for our commitment to environmental protection, in particular by reducing the use of weed-killers and by reducing our consumption of phytosanitary products.


The work of the vineyard is carried out daily, every day of the year.
The cultivation is carefully considered in order to respect the environment and the vineyard. Each gesture is thus planned in order to collect a wine respectful of the soil and of nature. The bunches of Ugni-Blanc are harvested plot by plot and immediately pressed on each site in order to preserve the aromatic characteristics of the grape.
Photo panoramique sur un vignoble ABK6 avec étiquette Haute Valeur Environnementale
Carte des différents crus du Cognac, grande champagne, petite champagne, Borderies, Fins bois, Bons Bois, Bois Ordinaires.  Avec points de géolocalisation des domaines ABK6
An exceptional Domain


A family vineyard of 460 hectares divided into 4 exceptional vineyards, ideally exposed and located on the Fins Bois, Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne crus.

The grape varieties are 100% Ugni-Blanc, growing on hills facing East-West. ABK6 cognacs are made from a blend of the best batches.

Awarded “Producer of the Year” in the eaux-de-vie category in 2019 by IWSC competition in London.

Photo prise à l'intérieur d'un Chai Cognac avec un ouvrier agricole marchant au milieu d'un couloir de tonneaux. Photo prise dans la distillerie ABK6, domaine de chez Maillard à Claix en Charente. Photo des alambics charentais


Having the space and time necessary to age a cognac is a real privilege. On our Domains, there are a total of thirty
cellars and some 4000 barrels offering a potential of about 3 million liters of eau-de-vie carefully preserved and aged.


The Domaines Francis Abécassis Cognacs owe their international recognition to their strong characteristics, offering a richness and delicacy the complexity of which appeals to every sense.


In search of the perfect balance, our Cellar Master selects the eaux-de-vie with meticulousness and subtlety, combining different batches and their distinctiveness according to the taste sought for each creation. He then places this blend in the large barrels of our cellar “Chai d’assemblage” for several months before bottling.



To enhance the specialties of the terroir, each estate has its own distillery and dedicated distiller, using specific and adapted methods. Tradition and know-how work hand in hand in this stage of production.
Photo du Maître de Chai en train d'observer la robe d'un cognac servi dans un verre, au milieu d'un chai, devant un tonneau Photo de la mise en bouteille, une bouteille en train d'être remplie de cognac dans la machine.